New Double Dawg degree options for UGA Students

The Master of Biomanufacturing and Bioprocessing program at the University of Georgia offers a comprehensive program geared towards building tomorrows biotechnology workforce.  This program combines hands-on experiences with industry relevant courses that prepare students for exciting careers in biotechnology.  The program is a professional science masters program meaning that students do not complete a research thesis project like Master of Science students would.  Instead this program focuses on industry relevant training.  This training includes a business component where students take classes in UGA’s world renowned Terry College of Business.  In addition, students receive training in biochemical engineering topics from faculty in the UGA College of Engineering school of chemicals, materials and biochemical engineering (CMBE) which houses the program. The CMBE faculty teach courses in fermentation engineering, separation technology as well as animal cell engineering among the many topics.  In addition, students receive additional training in the bioprocessing from coursework in Biochemistry as well as courses in biostatistics and pharmaceutical sciences.  Students are required to take 1 semester of independent research in the lab of a UGA Faculty member and then an internship which will prepare them for their eventual career. It is expected that students would complete their internship in the summer between their 4th and 5th year although this is not required.

Traditional students entering after completion of a 4-year degree typically take 1.5-2 years to complete the program.  After receiving their degree, students move on to careers in biotechnology and pharma.  In the 10 years since the program was originally started, there have been over 40 graduates with careers in many different facets of the biotech world.

UGA established what is known as the Double Dawgs program to allow current undergraduate students to receive a BS and MS degree in 5 years or less. This accelerated program has students taking graduate level courses while at the undergraduate level then a 5th year to complete the remaining required courses.  Students need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0, but don’t have to take the GRE. Currently, there are 4 double dawg programs aligned with the MBB degree namely Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemical Engineering and Biological Engineering.

Students that wish to apply for this program should visit the double dawgs website and search for their respective degree program.